Blood From Hemorrhoids – Treatment of Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Blood from hemorrhoids may not be life threatening, but it can cramp your style and decrease your quality of life to an extent. What’s more, bloody hemorrhoids can make a huge dent in your confidence and may make you avoid other people. There’s always the chance that the blood from your hemorrhoids will show in your pants or skirts…and that’s one embarrassing, not to mention humiliating, experience you’d rather do without.

When hemorrhoids bleed, you’ve already developed a severe case of the condition. Blood from hemorrhoids is always a signal that you have internal hemorrhoids, they are bleeding, and if left untreated could progress to what physicians call an incarcerated, prolapsed hemorrhoid.

In layman’s terms, that simply means your internal hemorrhoids is already protruding from your anus and you can’t manually return it into the anal canal. Returning a prolapsed—or protruding—hemorrhoids into the anal canal is indeed possible. That is, if you haven’t reached the fourth degree of severity yet.

In this instance, an incarcerated prolapsed hemorrhoid is a painful, extremely sore bloody hemorrhoids that will definitely show in your underwear and in your pants if you don’t address this problem stat!

But there are ways to address potentially embarrassing bloody hemorrhoids.

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How to Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids at Home

For most of us hemorrhoids sufferers, it’s very difficult to talk to other people about our problem. For one, we’re ashamed we have it. For another, we don’t like doctors sticking their fingers up our butts. So the first thing we do to address this problem is to look for ways on how to treat bleeding hemorrhoids at home. That way, we can avoid a whole lot of embarrassment on our part.

Bleeding hemorrhoids usually mean this problem has progressed from bad to worse. Blood from hemorrhoids often signals internal hemorrhoid bleeding and therefore, without the typical bloody streak on tissue paper or on our underwear, it could go unnoticed because it’s usually a painless condition.

If left untreated, we could end up with a permanently protruding hemorrhoid that could be very itchy, quite uncomfortable, and excruciatingly painful.

Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatment Home Remedies

It takes a while before a mild hemorrhoid can turn into bloody hemorrhoids which, although not a life threatening condition, could be a major concern. You could end up avoiding social situations like dates, parties, dinners with friends or even a simple movie because you don’t want to see blood on your skirts or pants.

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Stop Bleeding Hemorrhoids

To stop bleeding hemorrhoids, you have to get to the root cause of the problem. And the root cause of bloody hemorrhoids is intense straining when defecating.

What makes us strain when we pass stool?

When we exert extra effort during our bowel movements, we tend to push from the diaphragm. We hold the diaphragm firm and push it downward and at the same time, hold our breath. Known as the Valsalva Maneuver, this huffing and puffing puts pressure on the lower rectal region. Blood can collect in the veins in this area can become engorged and swollen, and the venal distension leads to stretched tissue that causes the hemorrhoids.

The best treatment to a bleeding hemorrhoids problem is still prevention. Knowing the risk factors connected to blood from hemorrhoids is half the battle won.

What Causes Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Like many disorders and diseases, experts couldn’t really pinpoint the exact reason why people develop hemorrhoids. However, health professionals agree that continued stretching and inflammation on the veins lining the anal tissues is a major contributory factor to getting the condition.

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When Hemorrhoids Bleed

If you’re suffering from hemorrhoids, you’re no different from 1 in 2 adults in the Western world who’ve suffered from the condition. Some experienced as mild a symptom as itching in the anus to downright alarming signs like bloody hemorrhoids.

The Root Cause of Hemorrhoids

What’s the root cause of hemorrhoids?

When we pass stool, our anus controls our bowel movement through the tissues lining its walls. Blood fills these anal tissues so we can contract and release the anal muscle while we defecate.

The problem starts when we strain too much while moving stool. Maybe we’re constipated or we’re having a bad case of diarrhea but when we strain to defecate, the pressure that we’re exerting to release the stool is causing the tissue in the anal walls to distend and swell, causing hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids can clear up on its own, but more often than not if left untreated, hemorrhoids could become a long-term problem. Before you know it, you’re dealing with a full blown hemorrhoids problem that could linger for months, even years and you’ll be subject to recurrent hemorrhoids bleeding and excruciating pain.

Although men are more prone to developing hemorrhoids than women, we experience the same discomfort and excruciating pain that hemorrhoids can bring…especially if we’ve progressed to seeing blood from hemorrhoids.

When Hemorrhoids Bleed

Bloody hemorrhoids, evidenced by blood in the toilet bowl, in your toilet paper, or on your underwear means that you may have internal hemorrhoids bleeding.

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What Causes Blood From Hemorrhoids?

Blood on toilet paper or in the bowl, or even blood in your stool can be an alarming thing. If this bleeding is accompanied by constipation, most people would suspect that this is blood from hemorrhoids.

Blood from hemorrhoids could have several causes but foremost of the reasons behind blood and hemorrhoids going together is undue pressure on weakened or varicosed veins around the rectal walls.

Anybody can develop hemorrhoids, but usually those who have poor posture, whose diets lack fiber, or those who sit or stand for long periods are especially vulnerable to this condition. Pregnant women are also typically prone to developing hemorrhoids because of the pressure that the baby in the womb bears on the anal and rectal areas of the body.

According to statistics, hemorrhoids affect about 9 in 10 people in the developed world but a tiny population of about 4% of this hemorrhoids sufferers experience bloody hemorrhoids. When hemorrhoids bleed, it’s a sure sign that your hemorrhoids have developed into a severe case.

Hemorrhoids could be an internal or external condition, but almost always hemorrhoid blood is caused by internal inflammation of the anal-rectal areas.

There are other reasons for blood in your stool.

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Blood from Hemorrhoids – Natural Treatments

Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the rectal area, which are the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are swollen and inflamed veins in your anus and lower rectum. Blood from hemorrhoids may result from straining during bowel movements or from the increased pressure on these veins during pregnancy, among other causes. It may be located inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids), or they may develop under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids).

The reason why hemorrhoids bleed is because when stool passes through the opening of the rectum a hemorrhoid can be squeezed, burst or be torn open which releases blood.

Medical treatment of hemorrhoids happens rarely because the varieties of alternatives which are easy to apply at home alleviate the symptoms and could make the hemorrhoids shrink. But in case of severe rectal bleeding or large clots after area, your doctor may recommend certain procedures. Generally, blood from hemorrhoids can be treated successfully at any time. The earlier you notice the condition, the easier are the ways to cure it. In many cases, the means for controlling hemorrhoids can be found at home.

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